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, Constance Pappalardo ExhibitIn this exhibit Pappalardo shares her love for the linear as vertical or horizontal. She explores how the orientation of the lines and the color produce a completely different effect. The Reception for the exhibit is held at ...Item

, , , , , , , , , Centerfest2016_WebsiteBanner_640x229The Durham Arts Council proudly presents the 42nd Annual CenterFest Arts Festival, North Carolina’s longest running juried outdoor arts festival. CenterFest remains in its historic location in central downtown Durham on an...Item

KOHEN MEYERS ARTShow square promo RUNAWAYKnown for his attention to detail and humorous dark themes, we are thrilled to celebrate his work and provide art lovers an opportunity to speak with the man himself....Item

, , global-breathe-exhibition-third-friday-thumnail-website (1)Opening reception for \"de\", Mark Maya\'s unique double exposure photography exhibit that combines the traditional portrait photograph with elements of nature. All photographs were created “in camera”. Mark May...Item

Ann Tilley promo graphicRUNAWAY will host the opening reception for Hammered // Enamored, a new body of work by fiber/textile artist Ann Tilley on Oct 21 from 6-9pm during Durham Third Friday. An exploration of boredom, technology, personal symb...Item

, model photo grey pantsLiberation Threads is mainly a women\'s clothing boutique, but come on in during Third Friday to check out our collection of handmade jewelry and handmade gifts from around the world! We'll have champagne! ...Item